Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog or Wiki?

Now you have learned what a blog is and a wiki. Which is your favorite? or do you like both equally? Please leave your comments and ideas to share with other participants. Please feel free to tell us how you plan on using these tools. Don't be shy! We want to hear your feedback.


Practice commenting on a blog and make your voice heard about lunch.
What would you like to do? Did you bring a lunch?...break to go to fastfood down the street?...send an ITSCO instructor to pick up fast food?...eat chips and granola bars?...Tell us what sounds good.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adding Gadgets, videos, widgets, etc...to your blog

The first step is to open up an internet window with your blog open and you signed in. You need to be in the Layout tab. Second step, open another window where you want to or have already found your tool that you want to add. For example, the TeacherTube video that you want to add should be open in this window. Next, scroll down the page to the bottom right to select and copy the "embedded" code.Now you're going to go back to the internet page that has your blog layout open. Click on new page element, then html/javascript.A new window will appear. Paste the code you copied in the large box labeled content. If you would like to add a title you may. Once finished, click save at the bottom of the box. Now click view blog at the top of your page to see your new video or widget! Yaahhhhh! Nice job! Add a comment below or email me if you have any further questions alyssa@itsco.org

What I DId With My Summer Vacation (Morning Activity Responses)

This morning we tossed a ball around the group and named things we had learned in Summer Academy this week. There were lots of great answers. To recap some highlights...(wording changed due to memory and for clarity)
...learned that with the right amount of time and support I can do all of this
...I now know more than my husband in some areas
...I will approach next year's class and curriculum in a different way
...that technology in the classroom (particularly web 2.0) will become more prevalent and that we need to get admin, school board, and other teachers on board and stay ahead of the students...
...FireFox rules...I missed it this week
...macs rule....I missed my mac this week
...I missed my mouse...
...there are some great teachers teaching in the Upper Arlington area (UA schools, St. Agatha)
....what web 2.0 is, how to make a blog, a wiki, embed HTML code, create an iGoogle page, use Google reader and RSS, social bookmarking and tons of other new websites, widgets and gadgets, and other productivity tools....
What a fun, educational three days...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bishop Hartley Blog or Wiki for Final Project?

Please share with the group whether you plan to continue working on your blog or wiki. Explain what you hope to accomplish and plans for the future with your blog or wiki.


What sounds good for lunch?
We can have massey's deliver subs, salads, pizza again, etc.
We can go to the local wendy's or mcdonald's, etc.
or maybe there is an idea we haven't mentioned..
Comment on what sounds good...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Project

Add a comment to this posts that has a link to your Wiki or Blog. Then tell us how you plan to use it in your curriculum.