Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I DId With My Summer Vacation (Morning Activity Responses)

This morning we tossed a ball around the group and named things we had learned in Summer Academy this week. There were lots of great answers. To recap some highlights...(wording changed due to memory and for clarity)
...learned that with the right amount of time and support I can do all of this
...I now know more than my husband in some areas
...I will approach next year's class and curriculum in a different way
...that technology in the classroom (particularly web 2.0) will become more prevalent and that we need to get admin, school board, and other teachers on board and stay ahead of the students...
...FireFox rules...I missed it this week
...macs rule....I missed my mac this week
...I missed my mouse...
...there are some great teachers teaching in the Upper Arlington area (UA schools, St. Agatha)
....what web 2.0 is, how to make a blog, a wiki, embed HTML code, create an iGoogle page, use Google reader and RSS, social bookmarking and tons of other new websites, widgets and gadgets, and other productivity tools....
What a fun, educational three days...

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