Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Project

Add a comment to this posts that has a link to your Wiki or Blog. Then tell us how you plan to use it in your curriculum.


sdy said...

As a librarian I would like to have curriculum pathfinders on library's website so they can find weblinks and print resources really quickly. My wiki url is

La Clase de Español IV de Unioto said...

I want to learn how to

...add to my class blog a cluster map that shows from where people are visiting our blog.

...add a list of class videos in the side bar.

...add labels to each post.

...a list of labels in the side bar which take the reader to any post that matches a chosen label.

(All ideas from Mr. C's Class Blog)

La Clase de Español IV de Unioto said...

I also want to learn how to upload my own videos to teachertube.

MER said...

This will be my first experience with communicating in this way. I am excited about it. I think my students will be surprised.